Unlocking the Power of Your Mind: Mental Health Services by Ms. Sumedha Sharma

Discover Resilience, Inner Strength, and Emotional Wellness

Individual Therapy sessions (one-to-one sessions for any matter)

Ms. Sumedha will listen to the client's issues and provide a diagnosis ( if required). These are one-to-one sessions. Based on the problem and diagnosis, the client and she will collaboratively choose the most suitable therapy. These are regular sessions and usually happen once a week. These may include anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, grief, relationship issues, self-esteem concerns, and other mental health-related difficulties. During these sessions, Ms. Sumedha listens to the client's difficulties and challenges attentively, provides support, and helps the client gain insight into their problems, develop coping strategies, and foster personal growth. The duration of therapy varies depending on the individual's needs and goals. Short-term therapy may be appropriate for specific concerns, while long-term therapy is beneficial for more complex or deep-rooted issues.

Relationship/Couple Counselling

Relationship or couple counselling is designed to help couples resolve conflicts and improve their relationship. Sumedha Sharma helps the couple identify areas of conflict and works with them to develop strategies for resolving these issues. The goal of relationship counseling is to help couples improve their communication, deepen their emotional connection, and develop a greater understanding of each other's needs and perspectives. This involves learning new communication skills, exploring different ways of thinking about problems, and addressing underlying emotional issues that may be contributing to the conflict. Couples may seek relationship counseling for a variety of reasons, such as communication difficulties, infidelity, financial stress, parenting issues, or simply to strengthen their relationship. The counseling process involves several sessions, during which Sumedha Sharma works with the couple to identify and address specific issues that are impacting their relationship.

Family Counselling

Family counseling involves working with families to address and resolve issues that affect the entire family system. This includes issues related to communication, conflict, parenting, behavior, and relationships among family members. The goal of family counseling is to help families improve their communication, increase understanding, and develop healthy patterns of interaction. Sumedha Sharma works with family members to identify patterns of behavior that may be contributing to the issues they are experiencing, and helps them develop strategies to overcome these challenges. Family counseling involves multiple members of the family attending sessions together. During these sessions, Sumedha Sharma uses a variety of techniques to help the family members understand each other's perspectives, express their emotions, and work collaboratively to address the issues they are facing. Family counseling is useful for a range of issues, including marital problems, parenting issues, substance abuse, mental health issues, and more. By working together with Sumedha Sharma in a safe and supportive environment, families develop the skills and strategies they need to overcome challenges and build stronger relationships.

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